‘A really funny, intelligent show packed with great ideas’ - Beat Magazine.
Swiv returns to the New Hampton on a mission: to Make Austraya Slightly Better Than Average Again. The only show you'll be able to vote for at the next federal election.
Swiv has the Crossbench in the Crosshairs. With Latham and Leyonhelm loose on our streets, it is time to act! Join Swiv to Dilate the Cervix of Our Common Wealth. Ludicrous. Plausible. Contains singing in Yolngu.
Doors 7pm.
Show 7.30pm.
Tix $25 online or at door.
Bistro (good pub food)
From 6.00pm drink on sale.

Two shows:
Thursday 6 Sep and Friday 7 Sep 7.30pm.