The New Hampton team is a fun unique group of individuals, friendly and bold lead by the owners and operators the Coleman brothers Kieran and Michael. Kieran is a musician at heart. Passionate in Jazz and Trumpet, if he has one to many after work here at the pub he can occasionally be spotted getting the horn out and joining in with the resident artist/band for a solo trumpet rift! The spontaneity and fun nature is true in all of Kieran's work, and he brings a smile and laughter wherever he goes.

Michael with a taste for class and an eye for detail has brought with him a determination for excellence that pushes the team to be their best. Style and quality is constantly at the forefront of his mind, along with his fun loving nature; him and his brother Kieran make an excellent team, and The New Hampton is the personification and culmination (Coleman-ation) of their combined synergy.

The Expertise of the bar is most certainly brought to The Hampton by our venue manager Adam Talbot. A passion for perfection and a relentless attention to detail, combined with an outstanding career working all over Sydney's largest and top tier venues, has brought together a quality and fun passionate team unlike any other.



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